What You Need to Know as A Traveler in Montenegro

  • The ban is in place on smoking in all rooms, restaurant and common facilities.
  • Camping is a Lifestyle. Another happy camper is ready to take on backpacking in Montenegro as the location has lots of amazing are where one can just drop their bags and camp out. If you want to take a quick trip out of the city, Montenegro has lots of trails and parks that you can relax and watch the stars with the night sky.
  • Communication can’t Be A Challenge. While the official language spoken in Montenegro is Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Albanian are languages in official use as well. No English? No worries as the beautiful landscape make up for the lack of communication! Use actions and point to what you like, and you can get by.
  • Go for Train Instead of Bus. Why you say? They are a lot cheaper compared to taking the bus! Plus, they are comfortable plus the train line will take you to a lot of beautiful places in Montenegro just by having a seat inside the coach. It runs from Bar on the coast, through Virpazar on Lake Skadar, up to Podgorica through Kolašin, further towards the border with Serbia and up to Belgrade.
  • They Love Their Meat. Who doesn’t, right? If you are a meat lover then Montenegro is a great place for you! You will a lot of meat dishes and even platters offered in their restaurant and they taste delish and will keep you full for a long time!
  • Drive Through Montenegro in a Rented Car. This way you can create your own itinerary of places that you want to visit. Renting a car is easy and affordable and will not take much of your budget when you travel. Just remember that some car companies might require you for an international driver’s license when you are renting.
  • Visit During Fall. This is the best time to visit Montenegro as there is a fewer tourist and you can have the places to your own disposal. You would still have days of sunny weather to enjoy the beach without worrying about rubbing elbows with other tourists.
  • There is a Tourist Tax
  • Montenegro is for Everyone! This peaceful country is perfect for solo travelers, families with kids or a couple traveling outside of the country for the first time!