Planning for a special evening with your love or just want to make dinner extra special? The Ambassador Boutique Restaurant offers a great picturesque view of the great blue sea as it is situated by the waterfront of Petrovac. Be enchanted by the breathtaking view of the calm water as you dine and wine with the most delicious meal we have to offer.

Whether it is a casual lunch date or a fine dining evening experience, The Ambassador will leave you with nothing but amazing memories of the food, the service, and the view! Enjoy a nice dining experience looking at the blue sky and sea or feel the cold evening breeze from the patio of the restaurant.

With this setting, you will definitely enjoy sipping from a list of specially selected spirits and wines to delight your senses. Aside from the charming view, The Ambassador is hosted by different Michelin Chefs that create their masterpieces right at the restaurant kitchen. Each season, different expert chefs prepare various meals that are surely a treat for your taste buds!